Apocalypse Prevention Inc

Bug Bites

A small Russian town by the name of картофель has been experiencing a sudden increase in missing persons as well as insect infestations. Local attribute it to a bad crop year, but intell provides that something much more powerful may be at work. Sending in unit to investigate.

Valstad Report May 29

Road Trip
Field Notes for 5/18-5/19

Dr. Maison reports success with vaccine to AP Scenario 198976. Samples seem to react poorly to high altitudes. Sending team for ground escort.
Darius Notes May19
Valstad Note May19
Slade Note May 19

Our Father
Field Notes for 5/12

Reports have revealed the subject 13384 has resurfaced. Local unit will be alerted and debriefed. Agent Callahan has been cleared for possible reactivation if needed.

Darius Report May12
Valstad Report May12

Defection Recovert
Field Report 5/11

Reports have surfaced of a recently defected API scientist by the name of Dr. Yakuma reappearing on the East Texas University campus as a new robotics professor. His knowledge is invaluable in fighting the recent Anomaly insurgence. It is unclear why Yakuma left the organization, however his talents are in too high of demand to allow him to venture into other interests at the moment. It is advised that agents apprehend him and if at all possible talk him into returning to aid in our research. If not possible force is allowed, however Yakuma is needed to be returned alive at all costs.

Valstad Report May11
Darius Report May11

Notes: Unit found at scene. Under further research.

Blood Bath
Field Report 5/5

It has come to our knowledge that local agents discovered occult activities from competeing interests.

Valstad Report May5
Poe Report May5
Darius Report May5

Unregistered Agent
Field Report 5/4

Anomalies continue to increase. Higher ups fear this will begin drawing attention of greater forces. R&D is working on several breakthroughs, however treat level has officially increased.

Agent Darius Report

Agent Slade Report

Agent Valstad Report

Mutated Gourds
Field Reports for 5/1

Anomaly threat continues to spread. Infection has reached plant-life and more Unregistered Immigrants are arriving. Compiled with another loss of agent life HQ and deemed it necessary to send in an unorthodox agent with appropriate equipment for assimilation.

Agent Darius

Agent Marsh Report

Agent Valstad

HQ Notes:
-Threat level persistent and possibly rising.
-Develop strategies to isolate point zero and possible reversal.
-Caldwell is needed in R&D as on the ground insights are necessary

Sentient Globular Resident
Incident Report for 4/28

While in search for components to dissolve Anomaly threat agents witnessed a possible infection level threat. The first hosts discovered were of canine and feline variety gestating to produce a Sentient Globular Resident. Upon discovery samples were collected and specimens Deep Cleaned. Witnesses were subject to Standard Cleaning including a local physician by the name of Crask. Given the rural nature of the site location and heightened probability of exposure a risk analysis has been started on repeated cleaning to her psyche.

After initial threat was contained team was alerted to human contamination in the nearby location of New Haven. Agents were dispatched immediately, however the local hospital was compromised beyond containment and an Eraser was requisitioned for the location. After removal of the location was is assumed to be patient zero emerged. Threat level was deemed too high for standard equipment and heavier ordinance was granted.

Sadly in the demise of patient zero Agent Orin was terminated in the line of duty. Though he was not present for debriefing given his heroics Unit Orin has been delegated back to Agent and his field transmissions will be presented unedited.

Caldwell Report
Darius Report
Orin Report
Valstad Report

Field Notes 4/27
Submitted by Agent Scruffy

Veterinary Contact:
While acquiring necessary materials to aid in containing the Anomaly found on site, Agents Caldwell & Darius met with a local physician by the name of Dr. Crask. While at Ms. Crask’s office agents witnessed the gestation cycle of an unidentified invertebrate resulting in the death of its canine host. Cleaning procedures were conducted as well as the removal of all seemingly infected canine and feline within the area. Upon return for inspection further canine hosts finished their gestation cycles. All specimens were subject to “deep cleaning” and disposed of.

Anomaly Containment:
Withe the aid of Unit Orin the local team was able to contain and destabilize the Anomaly using provided Paperwork. Upon destabilization a final non-standard entity was found mid immigration. The field team on site dealt with the entity with no casualties.

-Reports of gestating humans have been discovered by Unit Orin
-Possibly secondary Anomaly the cause
-Review Crask for possible Integration vs SMS over exposure risk analysis

Infiltration Team Mission #0001B
Protocol: Ranger

Mission Briefing:
After review of field report status it is advised that Infiltration Team will be promoted to Protocol: Ranger. Supplies will be inbound shortly.

Mission Tasks:
-Investigate and contain Anomaly
-Rebuild facility to meet Ranger Protocol standards (Secondary team will be provided at dawn)
- Patrol surrounding areas for secondary Anomalies

+Anomaly has been designated: Kaleidoscopic additional protocols needed
+Recommending Long Haul Protocol


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