Darius Notes May19

High Times at Indiana State
In sixty years of sampling every drug known to man and demon, I have never had anything so potent. I suggest using it as a new type of tear gas when vaporized.

Agent Darius

P.S. Send Cheetos

My Reasons for Drinking
After having been recovered from my trance I was informed that we were to transport a scientist and vials of a cure to a location. In route to the location part-timer Valstad noticed a van following us. We pulled off into a rest stop to have a chat with our mysterious ghost. When we arrived the car began to rattle –fucking adepts- and the part-timers Valstad and, Ashe went to investigate while I stayed with the scientist. After what appeared to be a scuffle we had to wait for our back-up car and giant fish to arrive. We continued our journey with much haste and happiness. Eventually we were intercepted by two SUVs and a Bus. The Part-Timers and the Fish all got out of the SUV and preceded to engage the interlopers, I was once again tasked with protecting the scientist. After a time, a large bus came careening towards myself and the scientist with no way to get away from the impending crash in time I wrapped myself around the scientist to protect him from harm. Luckily we both managed to avoid taking damage, unluckily as it turns out the scientist was infected and began to mutate. As I was trapped in the car with the mutated scientist I proceeded with attacking his new form. Eventually the mutated scientist burrowed underground and tried to eat each of us until it came upon Valstad where upon he terminated the threat with the utmost prejudice.

Darius Notes May19

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