Valstad Note May19

Mission log entry 07: Another task from HQ We were sent to retrieve and escort a scientist and his research to a safe house, we arrived on a college campus, Agent Darius went MIA we found what we were looking for on this campus much quicker this time, however something went wrong. We stepped into a lab, across from us was a clean room. Two sheets of thick safety glass there was nothing we could do to stop one of the scientists from smashing vials on the floor causing a thick cloud of gas to fill the room, they smashed through the glass we took care of them, our target was okay, or so we thought. He said he had vaccinated himself. So the mission went on as planned.

I gathered him and the team and we started driving. Sometime down the road i noticed we were being followed i stopped and quickly approached the vehichle, one of them attempted to strike me with the car door, he clumsily fell out of the car, i picked him up, dusted him off, and calmy diffused the situation, They said they were working for chapson, they were japanese i let them live even though they ruined our ride.

:(Picture of our japanese friends looking nervous all huddled up in the car I would have circled the one i was talking to the most):

I’d suggest contacting this one he was reasonable, may be able to make a double agent out of him.

A little while later we saw, suprise suprise more black SUVs i stopped and got out they were shouting at us through a megaphone, i suppose it could not be helped. I retrieved my rifle and slipped into the woods. they did not prove to be too much trouble. The scientist however. Lied, or did not know his cure did not work. either way he changed and engaged agent darius, and failed, went after me, failed crushed him. he released toxic gas as he died?, i am fine however this mission was a failure, suggest full retaliation on this “Chapson”.

Valstad Note May19

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